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Developed by The International Dermal Institute

Our skin care products, Dermalogica, are formulated according to skin condition and have been developed to provide appropriate care for individual skin conditions. Opthalmologically and dermalogically tested, they are non-comedogenic and free of artificial fragrances. Dermalogica treatments are based on the purest natural botanicals and are centered around the belief that health and energy give true beauty to the body. Experience the gentle revival, repair, balance and enlivened effects.

Dermalogica’s Environmental Responsibility


Dermalogica packaging is either fully recyclable or biodegradable.
Their strict manufacturing process ensures that only the most potent and pure ingredients ever get used in their formulas, ensuring that only the best ever reaches our client’s skin.
They never use sensitizing lanolin, comedogenic Mineral Oil, drying S.D. Alcohols or artificial colors and fragrances in their products.
Dermalogica products are also never tested on animals.

dermalogica shave

With all the shaving mediums available,
are you still one of the 75% of men plagued by a bad daily shave?
Nicks, cuts, razor burn and redness aren’t normal
consequences of placing razor to skin.

Meet Dermalogica Shave: the first system of products
that delivers your greatest shave and your healthiest skin.
Brought to you by the skin health experts,
Dermalogica Shave can help you put bad shaves behind you.


the health of your skin is at stake

Diverted products are products sold from unauthorized retailers and are often: expired, stolen, counterfiet, contaminated.

Don’t put the health of your skin at stake. Only purchase Dermalogica products from an authorized Dermalogica skin center, salon or spa like this one.

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