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Featured Wellness Spa Pedicures

Our spa pedicure includes a light massage to improve the circulation in your tired feet, and with the perfect color (optional) you will definitely want to take out your favourite open-toed shoes or maybe just walk around barefoot.

Our foot soak is made with true liquid soap of vegetable origin, contains no surfactants and our foot lotion is an ultra-moisturizing with silky texture, paraben, gluten and SLS Free.


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Beyond beautiful feet pedicures have many health benefits including increased circulation, soft and supple skin and early detection of nail disease. Whether you’re a high-heeled diva, a running addict, always on-the-go or simply going about your daily activities, you are spending a considerable amount of time on your feet.

Women tend to be on their feet more than men. In fact, over 80% of foot problems occur in women. Once viewed as luxurious, pedicures are fast becoming a maintenance routine for both men and women. Regular pedicures and proper at home foot care are essential for healthy feet.

Sure a pedicure can make you look superb below the ankles – but if you think it’s just a self indulgent treat check out these facts from The American Podiatric Medical Association: The 8,000 plus steps you take each day exert up to 127,000 pounds of pressure on your poor tootsies – so go ahead treat those feet!

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